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The Power of DC/OS, Apache Mesos and Containerization: A Q&A With Mesosphere

*When it comes to some of our core needs—speed, ability to manage big data, capacity to scale—Apache Mesos is a no-brainer for us. In fact, last week, Greg Neiheisel wrote a blog post abo...
July 26, 2017 | Handpicked

Let’s say you wanna open source a little thing… | CSS-Tricks

Let's say you've written a super handy little bit of JavaScript. Nice! Well done, you. Surely, the world can benefit from this. A handful of people, at lea
July 25, 2017 | Handpicked

OCI’s Long-Awaited Container Runtime and Image Specifications Hits the Streets – The New Stack

After two years of work, the Open Container Initiative has published version 1.0 specifications for both a container image and a container runtime format. Fostered by the Linux Foundation, th...
July 24, 2017 | Handpicked

Open source software as seen through comics and cartoons – Wpliving

Since the early stages of the Internet, open source software has played a key role in shaping our relationship to information and the tools we use to create it. These comics give us satirical...
July 15, 2017 | Handpicked

Open Source Leaders: Charity Majors’ Mission to Monitor Microservices – The New Stack

The following interview is part of a series, called Open Source Leaders, where we profile project leaders in the open source IT community, to learn more about how they developed their softwar...
July 12, 2017 | Handpicked

Nadia Eghbal and Mikeal Rogers Join a16z Podcast to Discuss the Changing Culture of Open Source

Nadia Eghbal and Mikeal Rogers recently joined Sonal Chokshi for an episode of the a16z Podcast to discuss the changing culture of open source. Eghbal works in community programs at GitHub to...
July 10, 2017 | Handpicked